Christopher Lance Thrillers

Christopher Lance is a mixture of contemporary news reporter and edgy street blogger. Along with his best friend, private investigator MacKenzie Crawford, Christopher smashes across boundaries to solve mysteries laced with the kind of danger that only he can find. 

In The Code, the latest Christopher Lance novel, Christopher must solve an unsolvable crime and break an unbreakable code. The Code killer stopped his rampage a decade ago, and the trail has long gone cold. By the time Christopher gets on the case, the trail is frozen. But that’s when code type murders start all over again. Christopher wonders what he’s gotten himself into. To thaw the ice on this frozen case, Christopher will have to crack the code! 

In Taken: A Novella, a madman steals children. The police are stumped and the politics of the situation are dicey. Christopher, a young and unknown reporter, watches the events from afar until the day that madman child stealer calls him and asks Christopher to be his personal reporter.

 In Nocturnal: A Novel, Christopher basks in the fame brought on by solving the Child Stealer case in the Novella Taken. At the same time he suffers from combination of insomina and raging nightmares brought on by memories of his childhood best friend murdered fifteen years earlier. When a mysterious woman from his past appears, one with answers to the murder that haunts, Christopher’s obsession deepens and a supernatural sort of danger grabs hold of him and doesn’t let go.

L. Jerome Word is at work on his next novel.

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  1. Frances
    Posted April 5, 2013 at 2:33 pm | Permalink

    “TAKEN” Very good, well written, character development is strong, The ending could use help. I.E. how did Pettus find Christopher? 5 stars for this one.

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